Toddlers Inn offers a flexible routine with 4 sessions; morning (8:45-12:00), morning and lunch 8:45-1:00), afternoon (1:00-3:30), and all day (8:45 – 3:30). The core nursery day starts at 9:00 am and ends at 3:30pm. Please see our ‘Your Child’s Day’ page for more information. Drop off and collection times allow the chance for our team to share with you, your child’s achievements and progress daily.


Throughout your child’s day at nursery, their key practitioner will observe and record their achievements and development, using an application called EyLog, to create a development profile. You will have the opportunity to view these profiles and any other reports during our regular parent teacher meetings that are planned three times a year.


Throughout the year you will be informed via our monthly newsletters of any events happening at your child’s nursery. Some of our events include, drama shows, dance shows, parent teacher meetings, and school photographer visits. You will be invited in to watch the children perform in presentations showing what they have learnt from some of their extra curricular classes.


Toddlers Inn Nursery accepts children from the age of 2 years upwards to 5 years.


Before your child settles in, we will ask you to complete some forms to help us better understand your child personality, likes and dislikes, as this will help us make your child’s settling in experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. A settling in process will be agreed between you and your child’s key teacher. The settling in process usually consists of your child attending the nursery for an hour every day for the first week, to make them familiar with the environment. This time is gradually increased over the first two weeks until your child feels comfortable attending your requested sessions.


We welcome all enquiries. To get in contact with us please visit our contact us page, where you can fill in an enquiry form or request a visit to the nursery.


Toddlers Inn Nursery has a uniform that comprises of polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, jogging bottoms and skirts. We do request that children wear school uniform, please visit our gallery to see images of the uniform.


As part of our curriculum, the children take part in extracurricular classes as part of our weekly routine. We offer a variety of classes to guarantee that there is something for every child to enjoy, including drama, dance, football, yoga, Spanish and Agility. Please visit our extra curricular page for more details. We also have a nursery photographer who comes throughout the year to take professional photographs of the children. Mr Justin has been the nursery photographer for many years and is the brother of our Deputy Manager Miss Pip. Photographs that Justin takes of each child are available for parents to purchase alongside a group photograph.


Some of our staff members are bilingual; they will help your child feel comfortable while settling into the nursery while working with them to learn English.


You will need to bring one full change of clothes, possibly more if toilet training. You will also need to consider weather appropriate clothes throughout the year appropriate for outdoor play; sun hats, sun cream, Outdoor coat, wellington boots, hat, scarf and gloves. If your child requires medication, this should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and brought to nursery and provided to a member of our team. Please clearly label all your child’s belongings with their full name.


Toddlers Inn is open for 3 terms a year, autumn, winter and spring. We also offer summer sessions as part of our summer school. We close for a one-week half term holiday during each term and a two-week holiday between in each term. At the end of our summer sessions we have a three-week break before our autumn term begins.