Toddlers Inn Nursery School Values 

At Toddlers Inn we have 5 Key Values that underpin all that we do to help educate and care for your children at our Nursery School

Our Values are;

We value the importance of every child as being unique.

We appreciate that each child is unique and learn in different ways at different speeds; we take this into consideration and plan activities that follow all children's interests and support them in their next steps in their learning. We offer a varied curriculum to ensure that each and every child has the chance to do something they enjoy throughout our curriculum.


We celebrate the diversity of our nursery community.

At Toddlers Inn our nursery community has always be diverse, with children from many different cultures. We celebrate diversity throughout the year within our curriculum through activities that coincide with cultural events and we often hold international lunches for both parents and children to learn about their peer’s cultures.


We promote a safe and secure environment for our children where expectations and boundaries are clearly set and reinforced through positive praise.

At Toddlers Inn we embrace a warm and welcoming environment, with focus on safeguarding children. Our nursery location is safe and secure and we have many policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety and welfare of all children.


We take care to model good relationships.
We support the children's development through warm and trusting relationships.

Through our key teacher system, the children build strong relationships with our staff, building confidence quickly and being happy to explore. We believe our relationship with parents is essential to enhance your child’s growth, as a parent, you are your child’s most important educator and research shows that parents who are actively involved with their child’s learning help their children to achieve more too.


Our children's learning journeys are supported by the carefully planned learning environment and activities so that they can discover that learning is interesting and fun.

At Toddlers Inn our curriculum is focused on making learning fun, offering a wide range of activities and classes for children to develop across all 7 EYFS Areas. We ensure that our daily timetable is varied to maintain children’s motivation and interest to learn.


Our guiding principles are:

  • All children have abilities which can be identified and promoted
  • Children develop at different rates and in different ways
  • Play is the main way in which children learn about themselves, other people and the world around them
  • Children learn best when they are actively involved and interested
  • The relationships which children make with other children and with adults are of central importance to their development

At the heart of Toddlers Inn Nursery School, our vision and values centre on being a family and community.

We strive to ensure that our partnership with parents, allows parents to be as active in the nursery community as possible.

With a diverse culture at Toddlers Inn we have the chance to celebrate often together.

It has become a part of our tradition to do so through our international lunches amongst many other events and activities.

 “Activities such as ‘International lunches’, story times and celebrating festivals enable children to have a sense of belonging and develop their understanding of cultures different to their own” - Ofsted 2011

For more information about our values and to arrange a visit, please contact the team at Toddlers Inn today.