Toddlers Inn Mission

To provide a safe and secure environment that has been tailored to meet each child’s individual needs, while helping them to develop a holistic view of the world around them.

Every child must be confident in their approach to the environment which they step into and be proud of their achievements within it. At Toddlers Inn our Holistic Development Programme aims to support each and every child to become a confident individual; ensuring children have the necessary skills to achieve their full potential.

Toddlers Inn's Values


- We aim to work in partnership with parents to establish effective communication to cater to the needs of each child and to provide a supportive network for all of our families. 

- We encourage and support parents to take an active involvement in their child’s wellbeing, learning and future growth.

- We take time to get to know everyone, and treat every individual with respect and care

- We provide each parent with an experience which is supported by two-way communication




– We aim to support each individual, in understanding the impact their role has, on achieving the Toddlers Inn mission. 

- We proactively seek opportunities that can enrich the experiences we have to offer.

- We value communication and teamwork; It is essential to have an open dialogue, to show respect and appreciate each other’s opinions and contributions.

- We seek to provide a safe and secure environment, supporting staff to be aware, well informed, and be risk focused in assessment of situations; with each individual taking pride in themselves and our environment.



– We aim to support each individual to have a mind open to possibilities and to discover new ways to achieve our mission.

- We actively encourage each individual’s creativity to thrive; Our curriculum is based on a ‘Holistic Development Programme’ that encompasses a planning style that allows both teachers and children’s creativity to flourish through extended activities.

- We believe we can find a solution to any problem; we encourage each individual to have self-belief and a creative attitude to all situations.

- We encourage everyone to actively share their thoughts and suggestions, using each individual’s creativity to work together as a team to achieve the Toddlers Inn mission.




– We encourage all individuals to have an ambition to grow and develop and form a holistic view of the world around them.

- Our Holistic Development Programme encompasses an approach that encourages and supports children to thrive in their development through confidence and responsibility.

- We engage with and support each teacher to achieve their full potential in a professional, supportive and happy environment; and encourage all to continuously seek to excel and better ourselves and those around us.

- We are committed to progress; we learn from experience and actively pursue new learning opportunities.


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