Our Food

At Toddlers Inn, we believe that mealtimes should offer a relaxed, social environment promoting positive food related behaviours, good nutrition and healthy eating habits - both of which are important for growth and development in childhood and later life.

How we enhance the mealtime experience for our children;

  • Children sit in small groups at the table
  • Teachers and children eat lunch together
  • We provide opportunities for older children to set up and clean away – e.g. a safe area or space for children to stack used plates, cutlery and cups. The children sometimes even ask to help our kitchen assistant sweep up.
  • The children use ergonomic, age appropriate utensils to encourage the development of self-feeding skills
  • We also have chop sticks available for children to enhance their fine motor skills
  • Using small cups and jugs to allow children to serve themselves - with assistance from staff when needed
  • We offer a 'Healthy Choices station' providing children the opportunity to make a choice of healthy snacks after lunch
  • We utilise meal times as an opportunity to learn using 'Table Talkers' – items the children can discuss with their teachers. The children may learn about the ingredients in the dish, where the dish originate from, even extending conversations into culture and language.
Toddlers Inn Menu

During snack time the children enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables, promoting healthy eating and helping children understand aspects of health and self-care as part of the 7 areas of learning. Children also participate in signing nursery rhymes while snack time is set up and tidied away, with a popular song sung during snack time being '5 A Day', helping children to understand the importance of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout their day as part of a healthy diet.


The food we serve is provided by Free Range Kids™ in partnership with The Healthy Food Company.

The Healthy Food Company has worked alongside a paediatric dietician to develop balanced nutritional meals specifically created for growing children. The food is delivered flash frozen locking in all the nutrients and regenerated (Using a Burlodge Regenerator) each morning in the nursery kitchen. Regeneration of food is a process aimed to maintain the quality of food by raising the temperature in the most delicate way.

• Each portion is designed to offer 1/3 of a child's macro-nutrients for the day along with masses of vitamins and minerals so a child could eat the same thing every day and still get the nutrition they need.

• High Calorie Meals - Children need high calorie meals for energy as well as the essential vitamins and minerals to keep their immune systems fully functional and brains alert to learn.

• Less Allergens – many of the dishes contain no allergens

• No added salt or sugar

• Natural ingredients sourced locally (all meat is British, and all fish is MSC)

• No palm oil used


We offer a 'Healthy Choices station' providing children the opportunity to make a choice of healthy snacks after lunch. Options include, yoghurts, fruit and vegetables. Our 'Healthy Choices Station' is offered instead of a dessert – promoting a balanced diet and good eating habits.