Our Holistic Development Programme

A Child with a Holistic view of the world around them.Any child must be confident in their approach to the environment which they step into and be proud of their achievements within it.We are not looking for every child to be a super-hero in the world.We are looking for a child that can 'give it a go' in the world, having been supported to obtain the necessary tools.We look to 'partner' others to provide extra bonds when we nurture Children with love, care and attention.

The fundamental key to supporting every child.It nurtures security and the feeling of ‘being safe’.Children can take many steps to achieve a development skill.
Without engagement Children do not learn.Huge learning steps are taken if a child is engaged with its teacher.Thoughtful teaching is necessary to promote engagement.
Life is full of boundaries.It is necessary to learn boundaries in order to function within society.
Life is full of Rules.It is an accepted form of instruction that defines the way things are, or should be done.In any nursery setting it is necessary to apply rules to children’s learning and play.
How we define partnerships; Supporting our Children to work together.It is important for Children to learn how to link with other’s.To assist in working together towards a common goal.To associate with each other.
The importance of learning the skills to be part of a team is fundamental to a child’s ability to function at all levels in our society.Being part of a team is to truly understand your fellow beings
Each Child is supported and encouraged to gain the valuable skills necessary to engage in a Global society, intelligently, emotionally and culturally.They are encouraged to identify their own values and beliefs, gaining the confidence to lead, with those values and beliefs and stepping into the world with confidence to lead the way in whichever way they wish.